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Bryce Canyon in Winter

Bryce Canyon is a beautiful and captivating place to visit all year round! Though summer brings a lot more hiking and other activities, winter can bring some more stunning scenic views and some pretty awesome adventures.

Sight Seeing

One of the most amazing things Bryce Canyon offers in the winter season is it’s absolutely stunning views of contrasting white snow draped over bright red rock framed by the bluest skies. This is definitely something you will want to see for yourself. So take a drive through the park and jump out at each overlook to capture some of mother nature’s stunning artwork.

Winter Hiking

During the winter seasons there are several places that will be off limits due to weather conditions and snow. No worries though! There are still a lot of hikes open to the public! Be sure to wear appropriate winter shoes! Although at times the trails will get so packed down from use that they will become icy and snowshoes will become more of a liability than anything, you will then need extra traction added to your boots to aid in not slipping.


This activity is allowed throughout different areas of the park, although park rangers admit most people can only snowshoe about as far as they can swim due to how strenuous and tough it can be. Surprisingly there is a technique to this activity though. So with good technique and the right gear, snowshoeing in Bryce can be a blast!

Cross Country Skiing

This is always a fun venture in Bryce Canyon. There’s a variety of different routes to ski above the rim; Keep in mind that it is illegal to ski off the rim into the canyon. Although above the rim you’ll find plenty of stunning and fun trails to cross country ski on. 


Bryce Canyon has some of the most clear and captivating night skies. There are so many nighttime activities that happen here in the winter. Such as the Full Moon Snowshoe Hike, and at times the park offers winter astrology courses (scheduling may be required ahead of time). Be blown away by Bryce Canyon’s clear and starry skies as you learn all about the space above us.