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Must-Bring Bryce Canyon Hiking Essentials

Hiking is a pretty involved sport. It requires people who are physically fit and love to take a hike in some of the more treacherous trails. For this reasons, every hiker has to be ready for the challenge up ahead since anything can happen.

There are some things that a hiker should always have as he/she goes for a hiking expedition. Below is a list of these items. These are especially important in a place like Bryce Canyon, where to truly experience all that Bryce has to offer one has to get outside and go for a hike.

1. Bag

A bag is considered you all as you go for hiking. It contains all the necessary things that a hiker may need during this expedition. It is highly recommended that the backpack be light in order for the hiker to be comfortable and not tire fast. Only carry the most important things.

2. Clothes

It is advisable not to carry a lot of clothes during hiking since this will mean a heavy luggage. Choose the light clothes to wear such as t-shirts or silk tops and shorts in place of pants. This will ensure that you will carry enough clothes in a small bag as possible. However, the type of clothes to carry will be determined by the location the hiking will take place. Religious sites do not allow shorts. When travelling in forests, long sleeved tops and light trek pants are better since they help keep you from mosquitos and leech.

Always ensure that you have packed 2 pairs of clothes that can be used for a couple of days. These clothes should dry up fast when washed. This is why silk clothes and trek pants are most preferred. The nights are usually very cold. Thus, it is advisable to carry a heavy jacket to wear during the night.

3. Footwear

This also depends on the kind of place you are visiting. The lighter the shoes, the better but in places with rocks, heavier shoes are required. Hiking shoes and sandals are best for slippery forests. Since no space in the bag can fit both, many hikers just hang them on the backpacks.

4. Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss army knife can perform many functions at a go and is best suited for hiking. It can be a knife, bottle and can opener, and many more things. When in an airport, as you pass through the check point, place it on the checked luggage to avoid confiscation. In case of no Swiss army knife, a normal knife would help.

5. First Aid Kit

Accidents do happen at any time unexpectedly during hiking. With the first aid kit, any cut, bruise or disease can be treated then. People on medication can store their medication close by for easy reach.

6. Camera and Batteries

There are so many beautiful sceneries in the world that are observed during hiking and people like taking pictures to remember. Therefore, carry extra batteries and another camera as a backup.

7. Mobile Phone

Communication is vital. Every hiker must have a cell phone for easier communication in case one of them got lost or emergency. A mobile charger has to be there too. Also, in a group of hikers, one should have a satellite phone in case there is no cell coverage. 

8. Torch Light

The most important and most forgotten element to a hiker is a torch. It helps the hikers see during the night as you camp.

All of these things are just the beginning of the tips to making a hiking adventure in Bryce Canyon a truly memorable experience for all.