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Perfect Fishing Locations
Near Bryce Canyon

Looking for the best fishing spot that holds brook trout and planter rainbow fish? Near Bryce Canyon national park Tropic Reservoir is one of the more popular fishing locations as it is located on the east side of the beautiful Sevier River at the southern part of the river. The lake is strategically located on top of the Paunsaugunt Plateau, fishing in the area is so fun and picturesque, as you get to enjoy the stunning view and to catch native fish at the same time. 

At Tropic Reservoir, you can fish with traditional lures, worms and flies to get the best results. Stocked fish will take all baits, flies and lures. If you still fail to get the results you desire, you can try spinners, and power bait.

Another great fishing spot for various kinds of trout is the Pine Lake. You can catch rainbow, cutthroat, or other kinds of trout here in the spring and summer. Pine Lake is a beautiful body of water set against the lovely backdrop of Bryce Canyon. When you fish at Pine Lake, there is a dam that flows to the west end where you can see the deeper water holding most of the fish. To achieve the best results, you can use the standard baits.

If you are willing to drive for about an hour for a trophy fish, Panguitch Lake is the fishing spot for you. This is a good place for catching tiger fish, cutthroat, and rainbow trout. Before you try what Panguitch Lake has to offer, plan your fishing activity ahead of time and check out the regulations.

The eastern side of the Sevier River has a nice spot for stream fishing. Anglers can catch small to medium sized trout here. There are a lot of stocked rainbow trout coming out of the reservoir. There are also native trout species. For this spot, bait and fly fishing are effective to use.

To enjoy your fishing and to get the best results, you may want to check out the reports for all lakes near Bryce Canyon.