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Why Visit Bryce In The Winter?

Bryce Canyon is a very popular tourist destination, especially during the warmer seasons such as spring and summer. However, winter is actually one of the most majestic times of the year to visit Bryce Canyon, for many reasons. If the scenery isn’t enough with the pure white snow contrasting hard against the bright red rock formations and the stunning ponderosa pine forest, then we are sure that the many activities that there are in Bryce during the winter should convince you to visit during winter!


Winter Astronomy

Sometimes during the winter months you will get the opportunity to be apart of the Winter astronomy programs that are held. Depending on staff available and are subject to last minute changes. Check with the Visitors Center when you arrive to Bryce Canyon to see if there is anything available.


This is one of the more popular activities to do while visiting Bryce in the Winter. Bryce Canyon offers a program built for beginner snowshoers but is also enjoyed by more advanced snowshoers. Fore warned though, this is a very strenuous activity, even with the snowshoes making it a bit more easy to travel the powdery snow covered ground. However, it is beyond enjoyable.


This activity is only allowed above the canyon rim, however, it is still one of the most fun family activities to do while in Bryce during the winter.

Cross Country Skiing

This is another activity that is only allowed above the rim of the canyon, but can be very exciting and enjoyable! There are a variety of routes above the rim that you can take and explore while cross country skiing in Bryce Canyon. At times when the snow allows, you can actually ski down into the bottom of the amphitheater from the top of the canyon from the town of Tropic.